Clinical and Management Tract Essay Assignment Paper

Clinical and Management Tract Essay Assignment Paper

Clinical and Management Tract Essay Assignment Paper

In this week, you will focus on the opportunities in the clinical versus management tracts
research the clinical and management tracts for nursing advancement.
Based on your research, complete the following tasks as a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document:
•Discuss at least three advancement opportunities you have as a professional nurse with a BSN.
•Compare the opportunities in the clinical versus management tracts.
•Describe the track that you will choose to pursue and provide reasons for your choice.
Course Project Part 2—Setting Up Personal Goals
Continuing with the course project you started in Week 1, this week, you will interview a professional nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) who

could be a mentor to you.
Interview a professional nurse with a BSN who could be a mentor to you and who exemplifies the type of nurse you want to become.
Write a 1- to 2-page interview report. In your report, include the following:
•Identify and describe the attributes that make this nurse a role model for you.
•Explain the beliefs, values, attitudes, and philosophies this nurse demonstrates and relate it to your long-term goals.
Course Project Part 3—Studying a Professional Organization
Identify a professional organization and then complete the following tasks:
•Analyze and discuss the selected organization’s aim and activities.
•Explain how the organization meets, supports, or advocates the EBP standards and concepts of professional nursing.
In addition, explain the concepts of professional nursing—caring, communication, critical thinking, professionalism, and wholism
Course Project Part 4—Role of Nursing in Healthcare Delivery
In this week, you will study the role nursing plays in healthcare delivery.
Complete the following tasks:
•Interview a nurse manager and discuss the nursing role in the healthcare delivery system.
•Include questions in the interview that address the responsibilities of a nurse manager and the role’s accountability.
•Include the interviewee’s thoughts on cost containment.
Cite all sources in APA format
Course Project Part 5—Creating your Resume
Continuing with the course project from the previous four weeks, in this week, you will be asked to submit your professional resume` outlining your skills and

Each week you have completed part of a professional development plan. This week, you will compile the papers to make one final document. You need to

include a resume` in this paper. The final paper should include:
•Advancement opportunities
•A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) nurse interview
•A Professional organization
•A Nurse Manager interview
•A Resume`

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