Organ donation Essay Assignment Paper

Organ donation Essay Assignment Paper

Organ donation Essay Assignment Paper


Organ Donation:
In Ontario, 1,800 people are waiting for a kidney transplant. Today in Canada, persons must agree in advance to have their organs donated. Although these wishes are known, in practice a family member can deny this wish, when the person dies.
Another approach is to have a new law about organ donation. The law will be an opt-out system. That is, it will be assumed that all adults have agreed to organ donation. To not donate, they will have to register with the government. The computer data base would be available for health care workers to check if the person has refused to donate and there is no one to speak for the person. Also, the person can carry a card stating he or she refuses donation. Family members cannot overrule the refusal to donate.
This policy of mandatory donation with the option to opt-out has been used in many countries and has reduced the long lists waiting for organ donations. Do you agree or disagree with this policy and why.

Length: Maximum 5 pages double spaced, excluding cover page and reference list.
Students will be required to make a justified decision using an Ethical Decision Making Model. Ethical theories, principles and concepts need to be integrated into the essay. You may write from the first person to argue your decision.

Minimum of five academic references from the following sources:
a)peer-reviewed articles from nursing ethics and bioethics journals
b)nursing ethics and bioethics books and texts
c)Course text and required readings are not included in the 5 required peer reviewed references

Yeo, M., Moorhouse, A., Rodney, P., & Khan, P. (2010). Concepts and Cases in Nursing Ethics. (3rd ed.). Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press.
ISBN: 9781 55111-735 5

Essay/ Scholarly Paper:
The key elements of the essay are:
Present a thesis and support your position through ethical decision-making.
Recommend, write in first person.

Regarding academic writing: key elements are:
Organization: have an introduction, thesis, explain organization of essay, develop ideas, have a conclusion
Writing style is clear and succinct with correct use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and referencing format.
Correct use of APA 6th edition.

Grading Criteria:

This grade is reserved for outstanding work of exceptional quality.
All the following strengths are demonstrated at an exceptional high level.

Characteristics include:
Nursing Knowledge:
• Thorough, in depth knowledge of concepts, theory, nursing practice and /or course material. .
• Discussion or mastery of the topic, question or field of study is in accurate and in depth
• Excellent comprehension of the subject
•Excellent critical and analytical thinking. May challenge accepted ideas and interpretation of nursing knowledge.
• Displays creativity and originality
• Innovative ideas on the subject.
•Contains original and credible argument or presentation
•Attention given many details, perspectives and complexity of the topic
• Excellent use of the literature, and draws on a wide range of current and/or relevant sources that serve as the foundation of arguments/proposals.

Academic writing:
•Consistently strong in respect to structure, expression, mechanics (grammar, punctuation, and spelling), and presentation.
•Well organized, linkages evident, and logical conclusions/proposals.
•Writing style is clear and succinct with correct use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and referencing format.
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