What is the influence of religion and spirituality on women’s wellbeing? Essay Assignment Paper

What is the influence of religion and spirituality on women’s wellbeing? Essay Assignment Paper

What is the influence of religion and spirituality on women’s wellbeing? Essay Assignment Paper

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Paper Purpose
This paper is designed to broaden spirituality and caring practices in nurses so they can better meet women’s holistic needs across the life continuum. The paper also challenges the nurse learner to explore her/his own spirituality in order to further develop nursing’s spiritual domain.

Spirituality is a primary concern for women’s wellness. Spirituality is acknowledged as an important aspect of wellness. Educational and Healthcare societies, such as the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the American Medical Association, and the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations recognize the significance of meeting clients spiritual needs in all practice settings.
This paper is intended to acquaint Learners with the effects religion and spirituality has on women’s welfare.
This paper also challenges nurses to assess her/his own degree of spiritual wellness through specific self-assessment and reflective style thematic questions.

Paper Directions
The following thematic questions are to be addressed in the paper in
10-12double-spaced pages, using Times New Roman size 12 Font.

Thematic questions
NEED TRANSITIONAL PARAGRAPHS. As a reminder the paper will need an introduction, which includes the focus of the scholarly work. When indicated, the writer should share personal experiences, reflections, and recommendations in regards to thematic query discussion. The writer should also include a summartive paragraph, highlighting key discussion points raised during examination of thematic questions in the body of the paper. The writer should include in the final paragraph recommendations for nursing regarding recognition and acknowledgment of spirituality and spiritual caring practices to meet women’s spiritual wellness needs. Be sure to be comprehensive in your discussions and cite references used for each thematic query you examine.
The writer should consult Internet resources (professionally oriented websites), and peer-reviewed journals (within 7-years of publication) in the preparation of this assignment. (40 points)

Thematic Questions
The writer will thoroughly examine the following areas in the paper:

What is the influence of religion and spirituality on women’s wellbeing?
Incorporate into your discussion the definition of religion and spirituality. (5 points)
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2. What are the forms of nontraditional spirituality? Include in your discussion Astrology, Hinduism, Gnostic traditions, Yoga, Meditation. Each form of nontraditional spirituality is 2 points. (10 points)

3. What are the seven (7) markers of spiritual wellness, as viewed through a mind/body health focus? You must correctly identify all seven (7) markers of spirituality. (5 points)

4. What is your personal definition of spirituality? Be sure to answer this question with a complete explanation of what spirituality means to you. (5 points)

5. What is your degree of spiritual wellness, as determined through a spiritual wellness self-assessment? To answer this question you must include the spiritual wellness self-assessment question tool on page 574 in your textbook along with your answers. Be certain that all your responses are complete and comprehensive statements that completely satisfy the spiritual self-assessment tool query. (10 points)

6. In what way has spirituality impacted on your role as a registered nurse? Be sure to answer this question fully by including five (5) specific examples in your response. Each fully explained example is 1 point. (5 points)
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Grading Rubric:
1. The paper was an intellectual effort (40 points)

a. The introductory paragraph included an overview of the thematic questions, which would be examined in the body of the paper. (5 points)
b. The body of the paper addressed ALL thematic questions. (5 points)
c. The summary paragraph included ALL topics discussed in the body of the paper
(5 points).
d. The summary paragraph also included recommendation(s) for nursing. (5 points)
e. The writing of the paper was clear in thought and easy to understand (minimum editing was needed to improve clarity of writer’s thoughts). (2.5 points)
f. The paper read as a seamless work and not fragmented (paper was not written like
an assignment with a question and answer writing style) (2.5 points)
g. Latest APA edition was correctly utilized (2.5 points)
h. A reference list was included at the end of the paper. (2.5 points)
i. Resources used in the paper were current (no more than 7-years old) (2.5 points)
j. Internet Websites (from external links on Bb or from professionally oriented
Websites) were included in the paper. (2.5 points)
k. Grammatical errors were omitted (fewer than 3 grammatical errors were noted)
(2.5 points)
l. Spelling errors omitted (fewer than 3 misspelled words). (2.5 points)

2. Knowledge and comprehension of subject matter were evident. (40 points)

a. All thematic question responses were precise, detail-oriented, factually based discussions. (40 points)
i. Each response included a transitional paragraph, which served as segue to the next thematic discussion question.
ii. Pre-recorded archived lectures, required textbook readings,
Internet Website resources, journal articles and publications were consulted in the preparation of each thematic question response.

3. Thematic questions were thoroughly examined. (10 points)

a. Concepts and arguments were logically constructed. (5 points)
b. Citations were used to support ALL factually based concepts and opinions.
(5 points)

4. Personal reflections and experiences related to thematic questions were included in the paper. (10 points)

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